Double Coverage


The Murphy Insurance Group ’s Double Coverage Check-Up plan utilizes our risk management department comprised of internal claims managers and staff who make sure you are receiving the lowest and most accurate experience modification.

First, we check the state’s annual experience modification for accurate claims, payroll amounts and classification codes. Second, before the insurance company sends your claims information to the workers’ compensation bureau, we review open claims to see if the reserves can be lowered. Our Double Coverage Check-Up plan helps identify potential problems and errors, which may save you time, money and provide peace of mind.

What makes The Murphy Insurance Group’s risk management department better than other insurance agencies?

Teamwork and knowledge. Our staff works together to reduce your premium costs. Our claims managers work throughout the year to prevent problems from becoming costly. Being proactive at the beginning of the claim process can save thousands of dollars by the time the claim is closed. We also work throughout the claim’s life to make sure reserves are set properly and that the customer and carrier are working together. The final step ensures that claims are properly reported to the state so your experience modifier is accurate. Our involvement allows you to concentrate on your business while we watch this portion for you.

What is experience modification? How is mine calculated?

Experience modification is a way to adjust workers compensation premiums that are set by the state and can be raised or lowered based on three years of claim history. A copy of the experience modifier is mailed to you annually from the Workers Compensation Rating Bureau. If your experience modifier is above a 1.0, you are paying more for your workers compensation premium than the average company in your industry. The actual formula used is a complicated one. We have software that lets us check your experience modifier, run hypothetical scenarios and even forecast what your experience modifier will be before the state issues the actual calculation.

What if the reserves in my open claims can’t be lowered?

There are some claims that can’t be lowered due to the severity of the injury or pending legal action. Unfortunately, these reserves are included in the experience modification calculation. We make sure that you know why these claims are open, and work with you to reduce reoccurrence in the future. We also monitor the status of the claim until the claim is settled and the experience modifier is appropriately adjusted.

What happens if problems and errors DO occur after my claims information is sent to the workers’ compensation bureau?

Errors are correctable. That is why we review all experience modifier worksheets as they come in. We make sure that the claim and payroll figures are accurate. It is not uncommon to find errors that result in experience mod reductions of 10-to-20 percent. When we find errors, we follow-up with the carrier to see that appropriate changes are made, saving you money.