Health & Wellness


Murphy ’s Health & Wellness plan provides clients with the ideas, tools, data and programs to encourage better decisions and greater health among employees, thus stabilizing health insurance costs into the future. As members of the Wellness Council of Wisconsin, we offer our clients the latest thinking and real-world experience to help them make better decisions on the strategies, programs and plan designs best suited for them.

What are some of the tools and programs provided to clients to encourage better decisions and greater health among employees?

Examples of tools include education of client leaders and employees through consultation with a Murphy account executive, industry publications, seminars, consultation with other industry experts, employee presentations and employee wellness teams. The Murphy sponsored online portal, known as our “Client Community”, provides easy, efficient access to regulatory answers and healthcare information. Programs include long-range strategies, plan designs, wellness programs, employer contribution strategies and consumer driven plans, such as Health Savings Accounts and Health Reimbursement Arrangements.


Ideas are generated from many sources, including ongoing formal education, seminars, the Murphy professional team, industry reading, industry colleagues and Murphy clients themselves. Ideas are best generated from an attitude of creativity and teamwork while developing solutions with our client leaders.

How can you ensure that health insurance costs are stabilized into the future?

We ensure that the best strategies, tactics, products and programs are utilized to stabilize health insurance costs. Of course, no one can know the future or completely control it. It makes sense, however, that those organizations that apply forethought, excellent resources and intelligent action to a difficult problem will have an advantage in the future over competitors who do not.

How do you determine which strategy, program and plan is best suited for each client?

We begin by listening to the leaders of our client companies to learn their values, goals, problems and opportunities. Then, by asking the right questions and contributing key ideas and information, we work with the client to create their best strategy. We research and develop options to serve this strategy. Presenting our client with these alternatives, we make them aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each course of action. Once our client has formed their judgment, we turn our energies to the implementation and ongoing support of their decision.