Safety First


The Murphy Insurance Group’s Safety 1st engineering and risk identification plan detects potential safety hazards and recommends ways to eliminate or reduce risk. Preventing injuries and accidents means reduced costs to you.

Why is a dedicated safety-engineering professional necessary?

Because our goal is to provide you with service geared toward reducing your exposure to loss. While there are other sources to gain safety information, isn’t it nice to be able to make one call to get all of your questions answered? Insurance companies, OSHA and other regulatory agencies can provide some answers, but our risk management department’s main priority is not protecting underwriting profits or enforcing worker safety standards. Our main goal is to control your long-term insurance costs by reducing your exposures.

What makes Murphy Insurance’s safety professionals better than the competition?

Murphy Insurance employs risk management professionals with more than a decade of experience in loss prevention and workplace safety for industries that reflect our customer base. Not only can our risk management staff provide practical suggestions to management that are designed specifically to address your companies specific needs, but we can provide training to your staff that will motivate them to improve and also share your achievements with the insurance companies.

What is a potential safety hazard?

A potential safety hazard is any exposure capable of producing a loss. We will use our years of experience to identify exposures to loss and provide realistic solutions before they result in a loss. Having an outside professional review your operations is a great way to analyze your exposure to loss.

What is light duty work?

Light duty or “Return to Work” programs are how you prevent a claim from turning into a lost time claim. Not only will we tell you how and when it makes financial sense to provide light duty, but we can give you the tools and training it takes to make these programs work for you. We can even work with you to identify light duty positions and creative options when you just cannot accommodate the restrictions in your business.