Triple Protection


The Murphy Insurance Group ’s claims management Triple Protection plan provides constant monitoring of your claim at all times. Then, we pursue your claim directly with the adjustors to make sure they are prioritizing our clients over others, saving you time. Finally, we make sure the reserves are set properly and get the claim closed ASAP.

By getting the claims closed faster we eliminate steps for the client. This keeps your experience modification as low as possible, which keeps down the cost of insurance.

How do Murphy’s claim managers provide constant monitoring of my claim?

We periodically check with the carrier’s claim adjuster and the client to make sure the claim is progressing properly. We use our knowledge of claims handling and experience modification processes to seek closure or fair and accurate reserves, proper claims management by both the customer and insurer, and let you know when significant changes occur.

How do you make sure the reserves are set properly? What if they are not?

We regularly track the progress of every claim. Our experience in dealing with other similar claims can alert our staff of unusually high reserves or treatment. With our knowledge of your industry and your individual circumstances, we discuss our concerns with the insurance company and keep you informed of important developments.

What is the incurred amount of a claim?

When a claim is reported to the carrier, the adjuster will set a dollar amount that they expect the claim to cost after all medical treatment, wage loss and permanent disability is paid. This projected and paid amount is referred to as the incurred value and is used in calculating the experience modifier. As bills are paid, the remaining amount or reserve is reduced. If not monitored, the incurred value may be set too high, causing your insurance premiums to be higher than they should be.

How do you make sure the adjustors are prioritizing my claim over their other clients’?

The squeaky wheel gets the most grease. Case loads for many claim adjusters are huge. When claims sit there with little or no activity, they become low priority. By staying in contact with you and the adjusters, we relay important information and make sure priorities stay with our clients.

How does closing the claim ASAP keep down my insurance costs?

Getting rid of the reserve on a claim means that the amount of claims reported to the rating bureau is reduced. This keeps your experience modifier down, thus keeping your insurance costs lower.