Life & Health Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a crucial step in planning for your future and your family’s future. It can fulfill promises and obligations to your family if you are no longer living.
The death benefit is income-tax free and can be used to cover funeral expenses, repay debt, provide education, pay estate taxes or any other expenses your survivors may incur.

Life insurance may also be used to help ensure that a family business will pass to your intended survivor. There are also benefits to certain types of life insurance plans during your lifetime.

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Health Insurance

Health care costs are high and getting higher. Who will pay your bills if you have a serious accident or a major illness? With health insurance, you protect yourself and your family in case you need medical care that has the potential to be very expensive.

There are several different types of individual health insurance. You can get fee-for-service, HMO or PPO plans, but you should know the differences and coverage limitations before making any purchase decision.

Policies differ widely in coverage and cost. Your agent will shop various policies to find the best one for you. He will make sure the policy protects you from large medical costs and does not contain any hidden exclusions or stipulations that you do not understand at the outset.

If your family includes just two adults, it is sometimes less expensive for each of you to have individual coverage than for just one of you to have a family plan. If you have children, or if you might have children soon, you need a family plan. Because situations change, it is important to review your health insurance regularly with your agent.

Cost is not the only consideration when buying health insurance. It is difficult to determine exactly what you will spend per year on health care. You do not know whether you will be sick 6 months from now and need an operation. You also need to consider the benefits of each policy – compare plans carefully for both cost and coverage with your agent.

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Life & Health Services

We at The Murphy Insurance Group pride ourselves on the service we provide our clients. Below is a brief listing of the services we offer our commercial clients.

Professional Client Service Agents

  • Client Service and your satisfaction is their #1 priority
  • Same day return of all calls
  • Licensed
  • Continuing Education is required
  • Client Service Designations are encouraged


Policy Reviews

  • We provide semi-annual or annual reviews of your policies to make sure that your coverages are up to date.


Management Reports

  • Employee Benefits Summary Comparisons.
  • Employee Benefits Claims History.


Insurance Company Representation

  • Over 50 Contractual company relationships.
  • Over 100 companies that are accessible to The Murphy Insurance Group.



  • We use the latest computer technology available to us to provide quick and efficient service.
  • Process changes by email to companies for faster turn around time.
  • Virtually paperless transactional filing process, which enables our client service agents to reduce errors and service time.
  • CSR24 Online Client Access.


Products Offered

  • Commercial Property and Casualty
  • Commercial Bonding
  • Loss Control and Risk Management Services
  • Personal Property and Casualty
  • Life, Health and Retirement Planning


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